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Recommended Cameras for Street Photography

Recommended Cameras for Street Photography

When it comes to street photography, your camera does count a lot. There are some cameras that are perfectly customized to street photography with them having features that make street photography more interesting. Cameras that have viewfinder, continuous shooting speed, AF speed and many more features tend to be preferred when it comes to street photography. The ISO is also important but not as much when compared to other types of photography. Here is a list of some of the best mirror-less, DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras you can get in the market.

Leica M Digital Rangefinder Camera

This is one of the best cameras when it comes to street photography because of its very quiet shutter speed, which doesn’t make people alter their attention to you when shooting. The ISO can run up to 6400 and it produces very little noise, it has an optical viewfinder which is used manually to find focus but you can connect it to the electronic viewfinder.

Samsung NX500 Mirrorless Digital Camera

This camera gives you very quality, high-resolution images due to its high ISO and its capability to shoot on a continuous speed. Its highbred autofocus is very fast especially during the day plus it allows you to connect your camera to the Wi-Fi. Although it does not have any viewfinder, it has an adjustable LCD touch focus.

Nikon D750 DSLR camera

The Nikon D750 does stand out when it comes to street photography. This camera does stand out due to its features such as the AF detection, the high quality images it gives, and its sensitivity, its accurate and very fast autofocus. To top it up, it has a great recognition system that gives you accurate and continuous exposure to help you retain the focus.

These are just the top three cameras that are recommended when carrying out street photography. Do not forget to carry all you street gears from your tripod, selfie stick and even the light modifiers.

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Getting Better Photos in Low Light Areas

Getting Better Photos in Low Light Areas

Taking photos in areas with good lighting is the perfect idea. As you know when it comes to digital photography the perfect lighting influences a lot of factors in your photo. Sometimes you might be in low lit places and you want get the perfect shot but it seems impossible. This is how you can get better photos in low lit places without having to use the flash on your camera or phone.

Learn how the lights fall

Learning how the light falls especially in low lit areas will help you know the different angles you can take you can capture your photos from. It also helps your mind learn how to capture good photos when the lighting is low.

Enhance the ISO

Increase the level of your ISO, this simply increases the amount of lighting falling on your camera sensor. If you increase your ISO and your photo still has some noise, you can download a software known as “Neat Image” or “Noise Ninja”. These two software help in the sharpening of your images. Increasing your ISO will help you get better lit photos although you were in a low lit area.

Shutter Speed

Selecting a faster shutter speed would also help you take better photos in low lit conditions. It will also increase the exposure thus you can be able to take good quality photos.

Fast Lenses

Fast lenses are quite expensive but you can be able to get affordable ones in the market. A fast lens is a good solution when it comes to taking photos in low lit areas. This lens sends out more light to the focal point thus creating a fast shutter speed which allows you to capture your photos perfectly.

Using these tips, you will be able to take your photos better when in low lit areas plus you can get a selfie stick to capture photos of a big group.

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How to Become a Fashion Photographer

How to Become a Fashion Photographer

Some people would love to become well-known fashion photographers but they do not know where to begin. Fashion photography is all about having an eye for good sightings, lighting and editing plus having the right equipment such as a good quality camera, tripod and selfie stick. Fashion photography has become a huge business offering high pay checks, fabulous life and you get to meet people who are dominating the fashion industry. This is a list of some useful tips that will help you become a fashion photographer.

Create a Portfolio

This is one of the most important tools when it comes to fashion photography. A portfolio contains some of the best works that a photographer has done. Portfolios are essential since they are what you submit to the different fashion companies in order for you to be hired. Make sure your photograph portrays creativity and uniqueness.

Choose your Picture Editor

Before applying that fashion photography job at a certain magazine or company, make sure you know what they do and ensure you give them the name of your chosen photo editor. Be persistent by sending your pictures and make sure the editing is on point.

Make sure everything you submit has a label of your name and telephone number which will make it easier for them to contact you.

Photo Agent

Find a photo agency that is well established because agencies are supposed to liaise you with clients. This will benefit both parties especially if you are new to the fashion photography business and you do not have any contacts. The agency will connect you to different fashion companies since most agencies have their contacts and publications.

These are just some of the tips that will help you climb the ladder to being a top notch fashion photographer in the fashion industry.

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How to Find New Spots to Photograph

How to Find New Spots to Photograph

Photography is a fun activity but with it comes its own challenges. Getting to find the perfect location every time you want to have a shoot can be quite difficult, especially if you have a limited budget. There are many ways you can get new locations or even create new locations by just modifying previous location that you have carried your photo shoots in. Here are some ways on how you can find new spots.

Join a Photography Club

This is one of the best ways to find new photography spots and also meet other passionate photographers. Being in a photo club, gives you access to new locations that other members have been to and you haven’t. These photo clubs get to hold photo walks which helps you get to know new locations.

Buy a Guide Book

This is one of the most efficient ways to get to know a new location. You might think you have visited all the places in your state, only to buy a guide book and find out that you haven’t even being to half the location in your state.  Guide books will give you quick access to the different locations in your state and give you an idea of what to expect.

Visit a previous spot at night

There is a major difference of how a spot looks during the day and during the night. Night changes the way we view a place especially a place we have previously visited. Shooting at the same spot during the night will give you different challenges and give you the opportunity of creating interesting effects during the shoot.


Just take your car and all your photography gears such as the selfie stick, camera, tripod and any other gadget you require. Traveling to a new and strange place you get to experience new thing plus you get to find new location for any upcoming shoots. You can also tag your friend along so that they can give you their views on those locations.

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